As of February 25th, the FAA has enacted the interim rule to ensure your FAA-issued registration number is placed on the OUTSIDE of our model aircraft and drone. This reduces risk to first responders helping with the recovery of a lost drone or plane. Most of our members are already complying with the recent FAA registration rule, and only need to ensure the marking is on the outside of the aircraft.

At this time AMA is not requesting each club to police the new UAS rule, but we expect all our members to support each other in helping everyone comply with the new rule. If you have questions please visit our FAA Registration page or ask during our next club meeting.

We are sad to report that Garry Schlattmann has passed. He has been a good member for many years and
has helped with the field maintenance. He was a good friend to Richard Letcher and to all of us.
He will be missed. If you would like to attend his funeral or read his obituary, please click on his name below:

Garry Schlattmann


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