Welcome to 2018!!

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday. Did we all get the new kits we asked for?
My wife to me I could not have any more toy airplanes until I grew up………………..
Looks like I going have to steal them from Zman!!!!
I am very thankful for the job Steve, Dave, Larry, and Dennis did for us last year.
My thanks to all of you.
I am really looking forward to 2018. I am working on plans for our fun fly events. I have talked to a lot of you already and have some pretty cool ideas already BUT as I am planning them I need your input on what you would like to do. Please email me at with any suggestions you might have.
A few things I know for sure we will be doing. We have funflys scheduled of every other month. On the off months we will have a last foamy standing competition. Points will be awarded and we will tally them at the end of the season next year. There will be one BIG (huge) prize for the winner. If you don’t have a foamy Tommy at Frequency has some great foam wings for less than $40.00 and there are a lot of us who can help you assemble them into crashworthy adversaries! Popwings and Teck Sumos from Hobby King are another choice.
We have a large part of our friends that are flying helis now. We are going to schedule a funfly for them. Reed and Rick are helping me with those details. We will have some big-name flyers there and it will be worth watching for sure. Possibly some great raffle prizes as well.
We will do the limbo so that Ron can try to kill the limbo pole again. ( he does every year)!
War Birds will be big this year. Tommy is working on a P38. I have a FW190. Zman is working on a Corsair. Chad is working on his P47. Send me a note and let me know what you are building. Part of our war bird funfly will be the “open” class. That will for those of us who want to paint our U-Can-Do’s red, white, and blue, put a star on them and call them warbirds. Any thing you can dress to look like a war bird will qualify. Zman is going to put a Capitan America sticker on a Goldberg Falcon and call it a warbird!
Raffles are going to be big as well. We have purchased 6 Popwing kits that we will build and install the motor, ecs, and servos in. They will be receiver ready. We will raffle one each meeting. Bring your $$$$$.
We will be doing a few building classes as well. Maybe Bloody Wonders and Ed Sleds.
Lastly if you all would like to read it I will try to put together a light-hearted email monthly about what is happening in the club and send it out to everyone. Let me know what you think.
Let me know what you all are thinking and we’ll make this year the most fun we had in a while!!!
By the way for you home bodies wasting away in front of your fireplaces we still fly in the snow!!