Radio Control Combat events are very exciting to watch and even more fun to participate in. Any type of aircraft can be used for combat. Most combat flyers would rather use ARF’s or some type of quick built airplane that is economical. Below are a series of videos and links, that show different types of planes used for combat and where to purchase the kits.

Flite Test Bloody Wonder

There will be more information published about the Flite Test Bloody Wonder. There will also be one on display at the next club meeting.

Flying Wings

There are various types of wings that can be used for combat. Below are some links to some different wings like the Techone Popwing’s from Nitroplanes and Crash Test Hobby’s Assassin, Widow Maker, Grim Reaper and others.

GWS Slowstick

The GWS Slowstick that was flown in combat in the above video was at the 2014 Arizona Electric Festival. Check the Local Hobby Shop’s, they might have a GWS Slowstick on the shelf and if not here are a few online stores below where you can buy one.



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