Pylon Racing

Pylon Racing is a popular competitive sport among RC Aircraft Pilots. Because some club members have expressed interest in this sport, I will post some detail about it and how to get started.

Below, please find the basic rules, which aircraft (ARFS) are available in the EF-1 class, required motors, and battery limitations. You will also find an attached PDF of the current NMPRA EF-1 pylon racing rules.

EF-1 pylon racing is the only class that allows electric airplanes to compete. The airplanes are the slowest class among pylon racing. The EF-1 class race speeds are around 100 mph. Models must be primarily constructed of wood and covered with plastic film covering. The airframe must weigh a minimum of 3 1/2 pounds, and measure a maximum wingspan of 52″ and minimum wing area of 375 square inches.

Here is a list of ARF aircraft that are approved by the NMPRA (National Miniature Pylon Racing Association).

Airborne Models Outrageous


Airborne Models Scarlet Screamer


Great Planes Proud Bird

greatplanes proud bird

Hanger 9 Sundowner 36


Hobby King Invictus


Horizon Hobby E-flite Shoestring


Nitroplanes Miss Dara


Approved EF-1 Motor are the following:

Aerowind 2820-07


Rimfire EF1 Race 35-45-1250Kv


HobbyKing NTM Prop Drive Series EF1

ntm motor

E-flite Power 25 BL Outrunner

eflite 25

OS Brushless Motor OSMG9525


The only approved propeller is the APC 8 x 8 Thin Electric Propeller Part Number LP08080E


A commercially available brushless Electronic Speed Controller with a minimum of 60 amp rating shall be utilized and controlled by a separate throttle channel.
The ESC cannot exceed the $150 US price cap as purchased from the designated MFG distribution channels, (not including tax and shipping).
Speed controller may incorporate a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) which would
eliminate the need for a separate battery to power the receiver and servos. Below are a couple examples of ESC’s:
Castle Creations Phoenix Edge Lite 75
Turnigy Plush 60A
The motor battery needs to be 4s Lipo battery and have a maximum weight of 335 grams including the connector, wires, and shrink tubing. A couple options of batteries are below:
Thunderpower 4S-2700mah G8 Pro Power 70C
Turnigy 4S-2650mah 30-40C
To find more information about NMPRA click on the picture below: